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Kitchen Tables

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Great Kitchen Tables for Your Home at Bassett Furniture

The kitchen isn't just a room with a stove and refrigerator. In many homes, the kitchen is where all the action happens. Aside from the family or media room, the kitchen is usually the most used room in the house.

It's where your kids' homework gets done, you pay the bills, the family prepares and eats breakfast together, and where future vacation plans get made. Where does everyone hang out during parties and family get-togethers? The kitchen table!

The kitchen has evolved into a proper all-purpose space. The kitchen is the Swiss Army knife of the home and functions best with a dedicated surface for all those meals, conversations, homework assignments, and celebrations.

That makes a kitchen table one of the most vital pieces of furniture in your home. Find a great selection of kitchen tables for sale for your busiest room in the house at Bassett Furniture.

Choosing the Right Size of Table

Finding kitchen table sets can be kind of challenging when you have limited space to work with. Measuring kitchen walls, floors, ceilings, and the distances between these elements can make or break the placement of your furniture.

  • Small space tables: Yes, some kitchen tables can fit in a small kitchen. When space saving is essential o you, choose a small kitchen table to match it! You can incorporate it by putting it just in front of the oven and/or microwave. Leave enough space to walk around the kitchen. Kitchenettes and bar tables with high-tops and chairs or stools are good choices for this. If you have a kitchen island, sometimes room layouts have some space to fit these right next to the kitchen.
  • When you have more space to work with, you can include other sizes of tables, too. You can choose between round, oval, square, or rectangular tables for your room furniture pieces. Buying a table with a drop-leaf can give you some flexibility with fixing the table to suit your space, too. It doesn't have to be a centerpiece of your kitchen.
Kitchen Table Colors

The color or material you pick for your kitchen or dining table can significantly impact the style and feel of your formal dining room space. For example, if you opt for a modern material like metal or stainless steel, your kitchen space will have a more modern and industrial feel. But if you're going for something more traditional and classic, a farmhouse kitchen table or a table with materials like stone and wood would be a great choice.

With Bassett, you can choose from all kinds of colors and finishes. With our custom furniture collections, make it your own from brown, black, white, and other colors for your kitchen tables and chairs. Using accent colors sparingly is going to be critical here. You can keep a small kitchen feeling bright and open and use darker accents of brown and black to accentuate your favorite parts of the kitchen.

Kitchen Tables for Every Taste & Style

What kind of kitchen table is best? That's up to you to decide. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from. We have opportunities for people who want to add their own flair to their kitchen tables. You can customize many of our kitchen tables to reflect your personal taste and style.

We carry a wide array of kitchen table collections that are sure to match any style. From Bassett's MODERN collection with kitchen tables featuring clean lines and luxury accents to something more natural and traditional like the BenchMade collection with TV stands made with sustainably-sourced wood, features classic American finishes, and is built with time-tested woodworking techniques all by hand only when you order it.

Custom Tables, Simply Made

If you're searching for a kitchen table made to last by traditional methods, you've come to the right place. Bassett Furniture's BenchMade line of dining furniture has precisely what you're looking for.

BenchMade kitchen tables are hand-crafted from maple and oak timber sourced directly from the Appalachian forests of Southeastern United States; they aren't put together cheaply. We build each piece in our Bassett, Virginia workshop on old-fashioned, wood benches.

It takes a little extra to craft durable, high-quality furniture with a formal feel by hand. The furniture-making style follows what we used when we started making furniture all the way back in 1902. That's what earned us a reputation as the premier name in fine furniture.

You can build a BenchMade kitchen table catered just for you. At Bassett, we give you control in designing the perfect piece for your home at a competitive price. To discover all the customizable options at your disposal, make an appointment with our in-store design consultants.

Browse Many Options for Kitchen Furniture

Are you looking for more than just kitchen tables? We offer so much home furniture to consider. We strive to make it easy and personalized for you with our extensive online collection of furniture. Tools like our room planner and room decoration ideas are also aimed at helping you in the decision-making process.

Check out our massive selection of Bassett Furniture home furniture collections in-store with the help of our experienced staff. If you're not available at the time, you can do it at home from the comfort of your computer. Browse our massive selection and make purchases with our online storefront from your couch.

Our design consultants are even available to you while you're home! You can either video chat with one or have a home designer visit you in your home. Whatever works best for you, we're ready to adapt.

Find a Bassett Furniture store nearest you, and pay us a visit (virtual or not) today!

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