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Kitchen Islands

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Do you ever feel like you just do not have enough counter space?  Maybe everything feels cluttered and overwhelming and you just need some more room to work with.  Perhaps you are just looking for an addition to your kitchen space for a more casual dining experience. Can you picture a place for preparing, serving, and dining all-in-one in your kitchen? 

If these are some of the thoughts you have had then you should check out Bassett Furniture’s kitchen islands.  These wonderful pieces spice up any kitchen and allow space to be utilized in a more productive manner. One of the great things about the kitchen islands available from Bassett Furniture is that they are custom built to your specifications.  There are many options to choose from allowing you to have the perfect piece to be installed in your kitchen.  Some of the choices include nine different leg styles and thirteen different finishes.  Whether you are looking for a dark custom finish to keep a more traditional look or a bright finish to sparkle up the room, Bassett Furniture allows you to decide. 

And make sure you do not forget to add some of the coordinating furniture with your new kitchen island.  One great item would be kitchen bar stool for a casual dining experience at the island itself.  Or perhaps a coordinating table for when you just want to serve from the island.  Whatever you choice in the end, you are sure to be satisfied with your custom kitchen island choices from Bassett Furniture. 

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