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Round Dining Tables

Round Dining Tables

When it is time to gather around the table, do you feel cramped or uncomfortable?  Do you feel like a new dining room table would change the overall direction of your home furniture decorating?  Often times some of the simplest changes can make the biggest difference.  Bassett Furniture is proud to offer a wide array of round dining tables to suit all of your home furniture needs.

The extra large round dining table offers the amenities of beauty embraced by style.  Its eloquent curves do not stop at just the round top, but continue downward with the lovely design in the legs and support. 

If you are looking to fill a more casual setting, the custom round 36" Pub Table may be the perfect choice.  The table seats two and is custom made to fit your specifications.  You can choose from over 13 different tops and legs to make it fit perfect in your home.  This particular piece can bring out the pub setting in your own dining room.  You can enjoy evenings with friends at home instead of going out now.  Another custom made table available is the metal round dining table.  This table works great in modern kitchens and is sturdy enough to handle any guest.  It comes with a glass top and is also built to your specifications to fit your home just right.

For round dining tables Bassett has the styles and selection you need to find the perfect compliment to your home.

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