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Bedroom Furniture

Bassett's Bedroom Furniture Collection

If you're searching for quality bedroom furniture, you've come to the right place. Bassett Furniture has everything you need to make your bedroom, the most intimate and private space in your home, into the peaceful refuge of your dreams.

From traditional wood beds and modern, upholstered headboards to nightstands, dressers, chests, and mirrors, find the perfect pieces for a stunning bedroom transformation in Bassett Furniture's bedroom furniture collection.

To bring you the highest quality and most comprehensive set of bedroom furniture options possible, Bassett's designers have been hard at work, leaving no detail untouched in the process. From traditional wood beds and modern, upholstered headboards to nightstands, dressers, chests, and mirrors, find the perfect pieces for a stunning bedroom transformation in Bassett Furniture's bedroom furniture collection.

Primary Bedroom Sets

A bedroom is arguably one's most essential room, as getting a good night's sleep is very important for well-being, and most people spend nearly 1/3 of their lives there. Trust your most intimate space to the preeminent name in fine furniture. Shop online or in-store for Bassett Furniture's unbelievable selection of primary bedroom sets, teen bedroom sets, and guest bedroom sets.

All Wood Bedroom Furniture Sets

What about hand-made, locally sourced, sustainable bedroom furniture? Returning to our roots, Bassett's Bench*Made collection brings all of those features and more. We make every piece of Bassett furniture to order by hand, using timber sourced responsibly from the forests of Appalachia. That's been the way for over 100 years, since our founding in 1902.

Custom Bedroom Furniture

Bassett makes every piece of custom furniture by hand, using responsibly sourced wood from around the world. That's been the way for over 100 years, since our founding in 1902.

Our process allows you to take as much or as little creative control as you like. Customize your primary bedroom set to your exact style preferences, or start from scratch and create your very own design. Our in-house design consultants will help guide you every step of the way.

Visit a Bassett Furniture Store

Find inspiration for your perfect bedroom furniture by exploring all the options on display at a Bassett Furniture store near you. 

Bedroom Furniture Frequently Asked Questions

We answer the most common questions about bedroom furniture, how to arrange it, and more. 

How do I choose furniture for my bedroom?

There are quite a few things to consider when picking your new bedroom furniture. First and foremost you should think about space, and how much you have. Make sure to carefully measure the items you're thinking about purchasing and the space available in your bedroom. Secondly, style is usually the most important thing. If you need help choosing a style, our interior design consultants can help you pick the right look. Lastly, you'll want to think about storage and media solutions. Are you allowing for ample clothing storage and a place for a T.V.?

The type of furniture for a bedroom also depends on what type of bedroom it will be. For example, will it be your primary bedroom, a bedroom for a guest, or a child/teen? This factor will determine which styles you'll look for in terms of decor and types of furniture pieces. It's essential to consider the person's personality who will use the room and the decor and style of the rest of the space. The next consideration you'll need to make is about size and price. You have to make sure that the room doesn't become cramped or difficult to navigate when you buy furniture for the bedroom. Also, consider the quality of the furniture you require. You want to buy quality bedroom furniture from a manufacturer that has a solid reputation. Trusting a manufacturer ensures that the furniture you pick for the bedroom will last and not need replacing within a few years. 

What can I get instead of a dresser?

If you're looking to avoid dressers, there are quite a few options that will still serve the same purpose in a bedroom. For example, an armoire or trunk can provide you with a place to store bedroom items or clothes. If you're looking to save even more space, maybe a storage bed might be more appropriate. A storage bed doesn't take up any extra space in a bedroom than a standard bed would; however, it provides ample storage area for clothing and other items. 

Is it okay to mix dark and light wood bedroom furniture?

Yes, combining different wood colors is not only okay, but it can also be very trendy! Often, the best combinations of style and colors lay across from each other on the color spectrum. So mix and match to your hearts' delight! If you need help deciding what types work best, our home design consultants can help you pick the right pieces. 

What colors are trending for bedrooms?

When discussing trending bedroom colors, it all depends on where you are in the world. Different areas have different styles and trends. However, if you're referring to Western bedrooms, then there are a few trendy colors that you will see most often. For example, shades of gray and beige are still very much in style, as is your traditional white or off-white. By far, the trendiest bedroom color is all white. When contrasted against other areas of your space, the all-white look can give you the feeling of calm and make any bedroom an oasis from the outside world. Outside of all-white bedrooms, usually, you will see the trendiest spaces use various warm shades and colors such as yellow or orange. 

How do you decide where to put furniture in a bedroom?

There are countless ways to arrange bedroom furniture. But a good general rule is to start with the most prominent pieces first, such as the bed and dressers, and then all the more minor elements to accent that. A good rule of thumb is that the bed in a bedroom goes in the middle of the longest wall. Beyond that, the best way to decide how to place bedroom furniture is simply to consider the available space. You want to leave a few feet of space between each piece to ensure ample room to move around. If you have less space than this, then your bedroom might be too cluttered.

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