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Dining Room Furniture

Create the Dining Room Furniture of Your Dreams

A dining room is so much more than just a table set with side chairs. Create your ideal dining room at Bassett Furniture and always be ready to bring to life the most amazing meals and experiences for your family and friends. Browse Bassett's dining room collection today!

Elegant Dining Room Furniture For Every Gathering

Food brings people together like nothing else, so you want to make sure your dining room is just as inviting as your living room. The chance to share and take in the interesting and exciting parts of our days is why we value all those noisy and boisterous family dinners. Good times, enthralling stories, and uproarious laughter are the reasons we absolutely can't wait to host the next outrageous dinner party.

Dining Room Furniture From Formal to Casual

You learn a lot about the people you care about when you enjoy a meal together. Craft the perfect atmosphere for all those unforgettable dinners by shopping Bassett Furniture's incredible selection of fine dining room furniture. Our designers have been hard at work to bring you every style and option possible, leaving no stone unturned in the process.

Shop Traditional and Modern Dining Room Furniture

Bassett Furniture's designers have an uncanny eye for the most popular and fashionable trends in home furniture. That's why our showrooms are packed with tons of stylish choices. From traditional and formal dining room furniture to contemporary and modern designs, you'll find everything you need to bring the dining room of your dreams to life.

Custom BenchMade Furniture At Bassett

At Bassett Furniture, we'll even let you be your own designer. Create your own custom dining room furniture with ease with the BenchMade collection. You can create a piece all on your own, with complete creative control over the project, or work with a design consultant to make custom tweaks to dining room furniture pieces from our existing collections.

Dining Room Tables

A dining room table is more than a place to eat, it's a place where friends and family gather. So picking the right dining room table is more complicated than simply picking something big enough for you to eat dinner.

Dining Room Seating

Choosing your dining room seating can be a challenge, especially because you have to not only plan your seating for day-to-day and your personal comfort, but also for holidays and special events. That's why we carry a range of seating options that will fit any seating arrangement, from small space options like stools to something more traditional like wood arm dining chairs.

Dining Room Home Decor

After you have your dining room chairs and table figured out, the next step is adding a little style. We have a range of dining room decor in a wide array of styles, from traditional to modern.

Dining Room Storage

Having adequate storage space in your dining room is key to both entertaining and overall style and aesthetic. So if you're looking to store buffet equipment, or display your prized china, we have just what you need.

Dining Room Sets

We carry a wide array of dining sets ranging from options for small spaces to more formal dining room sets.

FAQs Regarding Dining Room Furniture

How Do I Choose Dining Room Furniture?

Our design experts here at Bassett say to pick your dining furniture based on your home's needs. Maybe you have some dining room pieces that need to be replaced. If that is the case, you can pick out dining room furniture individually for a unique look. Maybe your dining space needs a complete refresh. If that sounds more like your home, shop Bassett's wide selection of dining room furniture sets. The best part is, you can customize each piece if that's what you desire!

Does Dining Room Furniture Have to Match?

There is no set-in-stone rule out there that says your dining room furniture has to match. Having a variety of pieces in your dining room can really bring the space to life, and can even be a conversation starter when you are entertaining.

How to modernize dining room furniture?

One of the easiest ways to modernize your dining room furniture is to upgrade to some pieces that feature more than the traditional wood materials. Bassett Furniture has plenty of dining room furniture pieces made of various materials such as metal, stone, and glass. These materials are sure to give your dining area the modern, contemporary style that you're looking for.

How Do I Arrange Dining Room Furniture?

When it comes to arranging your dining room furniture, the most important factor to consider is the actual size of your dining table. We don't just mean how many people the table can sit, but also how much physical space is left to maneuver around the table. This available space will tell you if you have enough room for; end-table seating, storage pieces such as a credenza, open shelving, a sideboard, or a buffet table, and extra wall decor.

What Type of Furniture Goes In a Dining Room?

Just like a living room, the only limit to what types of furniture can go in your dining room are what you can imagine! However, we do have some suggestions as to some pieces you may want to include. Of course, you have your dining table to consider, but don't forget about table seating, storage pieces to limit clutter, room lighting, and decor to brighten up the room. Thankfully, Bassett has plenty of design options to choose from when it comes to deciding on the perfect piece for every purpose.

Where To Buy Dining Room Furniture?

You're sure to find everything you need for your perfect dining room right here. But, if you'd like to experience how Bassett dining room furniture feels to the touch, the presence they command in person and the fine workmanship with which they are built, come into a Bassett Furniture store nearest you today.

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