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Outdoor Furniture - Wood

Teak Detail


100% of our teak furniture is made from A-grade, plantation raised teak from Indonesia. Teak is the best wood for luxury outdoor furniture due to its high oil content, which makes it stand up to extreme environmental conditions as well as making it insect and rot repellant.

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Transform Your Backyard with Wood Patio Furniture from Bassett

Wood has always been a popular choice for furniture. Wood furniture is strong, durable and relatively easy to maintain. It doesn't hurt that it tends to look great and age well, too. 

No doubt about it, wood furniture delivers a classic, natural presentation that never seems to get old. So, if you're looking to recreate a classic look and feel out on your backyard patio, Bassett Furniture has a terrific line-up of expertly made wood patio furniture for your selection. 

Find everything you need for a beautiful wood patio set in Bassett's extensive collection of outdoor furniture. 

Teak: An Excellent Choice for Wood Outdoor Furniture

Wood furniture can be made from many different types of wood. But, for our outdoor furniture, which needs to be able to handle all types of weather and temperature conditions, Bassett's wood of choice is teak. 

Teak is one of the most durable wood materials. In fact, that durability is a big reason why teak was widely utilized by shipbuilders in the heyday of England's maritime dominance. When English ships were retired from service, the teak that made up their decks and hulls was salvaged and given a second life as outdoor benches. After teak benches entered into common usage, teak furniture became a popular choice of prestigious English families looking to decorate the gardens of their estates. 

The popularity of teak outdoor furniture continues to this day. And for good reason. In addition to being strong and durable, teak offers other advantages for use as your wood patio furniture. 

As its use in sailing ships demonstrates, teak's extreme density makes it resistant to moisture. That quality also enables the material to resist rot and decay. Teak's natural oils repel insects and fungus that threaten the longevity of other wood products. All this means that your teak wood outdoor furniture can easily handle all those summer thunderstorms and extreme weather elements. 

Last, but certainly not least, is teak's attractive appearance. The hardwood is recognized the world over for its rich, golden color and beautiful straight grain pattern.

Shop Beautiful Wood Patio Furniture from Bassett

Ready to put together your next wood patio set? We've got all the options you'll need to create a relaxing, enjoyable atmosphere in your backyard.

Wood Patio Tables 

Need to add some surface area on your patio for your drinks, books, insect-repellent candles and other knickknacks? Shop Bassett's selection of awesome wood side tables, wood coffee tables, and wood console tables. And, if you enjoy taking your meals outdoors, there are a number of great patio dining tables for you to choose from. 

Wood Patio Chairs

You'll need some chairs around your new wood dining table on your patio. Bassett delivers with some great options in wood dining armchairs, dining side chairs, and dining benches. And for relaxation time, check out Bassett's line up of lounge chairs and chaise lounges. 

Wood Patio Sofas

If you want to create a nice sitting area for your family to enjoy out on the patio, match your outdoor wood coffee table with a great teak-framed outdoor sofa. Decide on a two- or three-seat option, or choose both. 

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